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Job Search Tips

Market Yourself Effectively

Hiring managers work under great time constraints.  It is a well known fact that cover letters often are not read by either the Hiring Manager or the Recruiter.  To get yourself noticed we suggest that you opt to create a list of your job skills and show your years of experience utilizing that skill in a chart format (matrix).

Most software programs offer the ability to prepare a chart using a wizard.  Place headings on the chart such as Required Skill, Skills Set, and Years Utilized. 

If you are applying for a specific position, write your skills sets against the job description.  Outline the job requirements in the first column then match your skill set in the second column and years of experience in the last column.  If you are applying to many positions list all of your skills sets and follow the same outline using just two columns (Skill Set and Years Experience). 

Locate Your Salary Worth

With today’s downturn in the economy we are seeing many positions downgraded into lower salary levels.  We do not believe that any of the information available at this time is trustworthy, as to what the current market is bearing.  Salary.com does offer a comprehensive tool for looking up salaries by discipline and geographic territory.  We recommend that you frequent this site for updates on current salary levels.

For more information please consider joining us at one of the many round table or seminars in your area.

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